Sports education is seen as an essential part of a child’s development and considerable time is dedicated to sporting activities at school. The students participate in a variety of individual sports such as swimming, cross country running and athletics.

This is complemented by team sports such as rugby, football, hockey and volleyball, where the emphasis is on developing good teamwork with dedication to training, sportsmanship and learning the need for effort and dedication as key ingredients for success.

House matches take place between students within the school, as well as weekly matches and tournaments against other schools in Buenos Aires. Tours are organised to other schools within Argentina and overseas. Sports are also seen as an opportunity for cultural exchange, and each year school teams from the United Kingdom are invited to spend some days living with our school families before taking part in an “international” contest.




  • Primary
  • Secondary

In the lower years of Primary School the emphasis is on teaching the children the basic motor skills and coordination required to participate actively in sport in later years. Sport is seen as fun but also as an important activity for healthy living. In the later Primary School years students begin with team sports which emphasize responsibility and working with others to achieve a common goal. The students play matches against other schools and participate in tournaments.

The sports curriculum is complemented by a programme of extracurricular activities where, outside of normal school hours, students can participate in dance classes, football, gymnastics and swimming in the warmer months.

The physical education department also organizes camping trips for each year group in the Primary School where, as well as normal camping activities, the children learn respect and tolerance for each other as laid out in the school mission statement, and also to appreciate the environment in which we live.


Sports are seen as an important subject for students in St. Hilda’s Secondary School. Research has shown that students taking part in sport have higher self esteem, confidence and are generally healthier than those who do little sport.

With this in mind, students at St. Hilda’s secondary school have a comprehensive sports programme where they participate in a variety of individual and team sports. The concepts of fair play, sportsmanship and training hard to achieve objectives are deemed important. While healthy competition is encouraged, students are also taught to respect the opposition and accept defeat gracefully.