The school is a non-profit organisation. As such, it is overseen by a Board of Governors elected from the school trustees that represent both the community of the school and the Anglican Church.

The Board is composed of seven members, from which a Chair, a Deputy Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer, are appointed. The term of appointments is for one year, and members may be re elected. Their positions are honorary and their appointment takes place at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board of Governors meets monthly and extraordinary meetings are called when deemed necessary. The meetings are also attended by a small number of Co Opted members.

To see the school’s 2020 Strategic Plan click here.

Current Board of Governors

    • President: Martín Pérez de Solay
    • Vice-President: Agustín Mostany
    • Treasurer: Valentina Gnecco
    • Secretary: Marilú Sartoris
    • Member 1: Roberto Flores
    • Member 2: Jorge Camarasa
    • Member 3: Francisco Padilla
    • Substitute Member 1: Pablo Alliani
    • Substitute Member 2: Martín Brau